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Description: Description: Description: Train cast (VLR)


Description: Description: Description: Alex

Alex Neal
Alex is the founder and mentor for the whole group. As principle director Alex provides the expertise and guidance for the group, and also is a highly talented performer and scriptwriter. Are there no bounds to her talents!

Paul Neal

Paul is a great actor and singer, but also works tirelessly behind the scenes on sound and stage construction. As you can see, Paul does not shy from dressing up and this picture shows him as Prince John in the TAP pantomime production of Robin Hood.

Description: Description: Description: Paul Neal Actor Sound Stage design

Description: Description: Description: Ian

Ian Clark

Not only is Ian chairman of the group he is also an actor and techie-whiz who often provides some of the more technical props and special effects.

Description: Description: Description: Nicki

Nicki Hatton

Nicki is TAP Secretary and also a great performer contributing to many of the comedy and musical sketches.

Description: Description: Description: Joanne1

Joanne Smith

Responsible for marketing and ticket sales, Joanne is also a good actor and has directed a number of sketches as well as producing the first two TAP Cabaret productions

Description: Description: Description: Jackie Q

Jackie Quilter

Jackie is membership coordinator for TAP as well as being a very funny and talented performer. She also very successfully directed the Pompeii Panto!

Description: Description: Description: SbsLR

Steve Smith

Does a bit now and then, not on stage though!

Description: Description: Description: Sue1

Sue Felsted

Sue is a very talented actor and comedienne having appeared in most of our productions.

Description: Description: Description: sally

Sally Stapleton

Sally has handled many of the productions as stage manager but has also tried her hand with a few comic roles which have been very successful.

Jonathan Salmon

Jon is not only the ‘Dorian Gray’ of the group he is also a great singer and comedy actor well renowned for his dodgy French accent and his uncanny ability to play men with ..er… an alternative lifestyle! Jon is not that way inclined at all but he’s certainly in touch with his feminine side! Jon is also good at set painting.

Alison Murray

A very humourous performer Alison and Allison below often work as a team and keep us all amused both on and off stage.

Allison Taylor

The other half of the ‘Allies’ team, Allison also keeps everyone giggling during performances and beyond!


James Oakley

James is a multi-talented actor and with his photographic memory it’s guaranteed that he’ll always be the first to learn his lines and always be word-perfect on stage.

Trisha Capes

Trish is a good actress and has a great folk-singing voice.

Emma Ford

Emma is a great actress and a fantastic singer. The picture also speaks for itself! She is also a very good artist and set painter.

Dave Smith

Dave is a great actor and has played several comedy roles from vicar to roman soldier.





Bob Cross

Bob has a repertoire of facial expressions and gestures that can’t help make the audience laugh! A great presence on stage and a talented script writer too! Not only that Bob is a musician and often plays guitar in our performances.



Jo Pavey

Jo is not only a great actress, she has directed some short plays AND she has managed and provided catering at most of the Cabaret evenings and other events.

John Dorsett

John is a great actor (sometimes with a hint of John Cleese) having played Inspector Pratt with people falling about with laughter, and a musician with a variety of great musical pieces from George Formby to Harry Belafonte and beyond

P Ebling

P is a great coordinator and stage manager and says she’s NEVER going on stage – but might do a River Dance one day!

George Traer-Clark

George came along to help backstage and is NEVER going on stage – except he’s now played a roman senator and heading towards a WWII soldier and.. and.. and…..!

Ruth Ellam

Ruth is the pianist and accompanist for TAP and the choral section; she has a great voice but refuses to sing in front of an audience!

Jared Heigham

Jared has proven himself a great comedy actor playing many roles such as yokel, namby-pamby son in the Pompeii Panto and a down-trodden scout leader in Gosforth’s Fete.

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